Veterinary Diagnostics in Conroe, TX

Giving your pet the best care possible requires the use of veterinary diagnostics to establish a baseline of health, and detect underlying conditions. Dogs and cats rely on us to give voice to any problems they might have, and with our laboratory and imaging equipment, we can get the answers we need to keep them happy and healthy. Triangle Animal Clinic of Conroe utilizes an in-house laboratory, digital radiology and dental radiology, and ultrasound to evaluate your companion’s internal health and formulate an individualized treatment plan to extend their longevity and quality of life. 

In-House Lab Diagnostics

Our in-house laboratory allows our veterinary team to perform various blood, fecal, and urine tests to screen your pet for various illnesses. Lab testing also gives us important information about your pet’s overall condition, including blood cell counts and organ function. We can also run parasite tests to check your pet for heartworm disease, tick-borne disease such as Lyme disease, and various intestinal worms. For urgent, point-of-care situations, we prefer to run tests in-house so we can get faster results. If your pet is seeing us for a regular wellness appointment, we will likely send their bloodwork out for external review so we can obtain comprehensive results.

Digital Radiology

To visualize the bones, joints, heart, and lungs, our clinic uses digital radiology (X-ray) to assess for issues. Bone injuries, inflamed joints, congenital defects, heart and lung disorders, and even foreign bodies can be revealed via X-ray.

Dental Radiology

Our dental radiology equipment is vital for performing thorough oral exams. Before your pet has their teeth cleaned, we need to take full-mouth X-rays to check for damage to the tooth roots and surrounding bone. These areas are otherwise hidden below the gum line, and any issues residing there could go undiagnosed without the help of X-ray imaging.


Ultrasound can aid in the diagnosis of many different conditions, including pregnancies, bladder stones, fluid in the abdominal cavity, tumors, and organ abnormalities. Like X-ray, ultrasound is a non-invasive and painless procedure, and it gives us important insights into your pet’s condition.

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