Health Certificate Questionnaire

Please fill the following form out completely and accurately. This information will be used to complete your pet’s health certificate. Any incomplete or incorrect information will delay the health certificate process and may affect your travel plans.

health certificate questionnaire

Consignor/Local Owner Information

Consignee/Destination Owner Information

Pet Information


Date Vaccines Were Administered Last

We must have hard copies of your pet’s Rabies certificate and other vaccinations at least 48 hours prior to the date of the health certificate examination if vaccinations were not performed at Triangle Animal Clinic. Any vaccines not current or without proper documentation will need to be updated based on destination requirements before the health certificate can be issued. Some countries have a waiting period after vaccination before an animal can be admitted to the country.
Does your destination require vaccine titers? Obtaining vaccine titers is a process that can span weeks or months. Please research the requirements of your destination country thoroughly.
Internal parasite treatment required?

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